Four safety precautions in the use of plastic granulator


Plastic granulator is environmental protection equipment for recycling waste plastics. After heating and plasticizing at the front end of the spiral push, it is extruded into the secondary plasticizing of the auxiliary machine. After filtering impurities through the die-changing head of the power grid, the water-cooled stretch belt enters the pelletizer to cut finished particles. Today wanrooe is going to talk to you about the safety precautions during the use of plastic granulator machines.

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Safety matters in the use of plastic granulators are as follows:
1. The test run of the plastic granulator should be carried out by personnel familiar with the process to prevent accidents.
(1) Check whether there are foreign bodies in the pot
(2) Switch on the power supply, start the main motor, and check the turning of the cutter clockwise;
(3) Check whether the discharging door works normally and whether the discharging door can be opened and closed as required.
(4) No-load start, run for five minutes to check if there is any abnormal phenomenon, if there is no abnormal, continue to run for 20 minutes and stop to check. No abnormality is entered into the load test. After normal air operation, a continuous load operation test shall be carried out for no less than two hours. Before load operation, the process personnel shall determine the spray temperature and spray quantity of the pellets in advance.

2, the material must be loose before feeding, and then gradually add, especially for strip and fiber materials, especially hot don’t be careful, so as not to overload the motor – 110 amperes, at the same time to avoid material winding on the spindle.

3. When feeding, the plastic granulator should be noted that the short-term load of the motor should not exceed 110 amperes. When exceeding, it should stop feeding for a while and then loosen the material gradually.

4. After feeding, the operator should carefully observe the movement of the material. When the mass begins to form in large quantities, the water supply should be provided immediately.

The above content is the safety precautions in the use of plastic granulator pelletizer introduced by Wanrooe. In our daily production process, safety production is indispensable!

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