5 factors decide the plastic granulator plasticizing performance


Plastic granulator is to solve the white pollution, the quality of plastic granulator directly affects the performance of the plastic granulator. The main factors affecting the quality of plasticization are the long diameter ratio, tightening ratio, back pressure, screw speed, barrel heating temperature, and the like.

1. The plastic granulator long diameter ratio is the ratio of the screw useful work length and the screw diameter.
A, the long diameter is much easier to eat.
B, the thermal stability of the plastic can use a longer screw to improve the kneading property without charring, and poor thermal stability can be used with a shorter screw or screw tail end without thread. Considering plastic characteristics, general flow lengths are as follows: thermosetting is 14’16, hard PVC, high viscosity PU, etc. Heterogenesis is 17’18, general plastic is 18’22, PC, POM, etc. High-temperature stability plastic is 22’24.

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2, the plastic granulator tightric ratio is the ratio of the final screw depth of the feed section and the first screw depth of the metering section.
A, the impressiveness, filling of the material, the degree, reflow, etc., the product should be relative, heat transfer and exhaust;
B, the appropriate tightening ratio can be added to the density of the plastic, making the molecules and molecules more strict, helping to reduce the extraction of air, reduce the temperature rise of the pressure, and affect the difference in output, improper tightening Better than will damage the properties of plastic;
C. The higher the tightening ratio, the higher the temperature rise of plastic, the higher the temperature rise of plasticization in the tube, and the uniformity of the plastic in plasticization, the relative amount is reduced.
D, high tightening ratio is suitable for non-fuse, particularly low melting viscosity, thermal stability plastic; low tightening ratio is suitable for easy melt plastic, particularly high melting viscosity, thermal plastic.

3, plastic granulator back pressure
A. Adding a back pressure to add a screw to the work made by the molten resin, eliminate the non-melted plastic particles, adding the material density in the tube and its uniformity;
B. The back pressure is used to increase the tube temperature, and the effect is most significant;
C, too much back pressure, easy to decompose for high thermal sensitivity, the molten phenomenon of low viscosity, excessive back pressure, and the finished product may have bubbles.

4, plastic granulator  screw speed
A. The rolling speed of the screw directly affects the cutting of the plastic in the spiral groove;
B. Small screw slots are shameful absorption heat source fast, which allows plastics to be softened during tightening period, and the implicit thermal energy between the screw and the cartridge wall is low, suitable for high-speed rotation, and add plasticization.
C. Large screws should not be rapidly rotated, avoiding impression unevenness and excessive conflict heat;
D. For plastics with higher heat sensitivity, the screw speed is too large, and the plastics will be easily decomposed;
E, generally each size screw has a certain speed range, generally 100’150 rpm; too low, it is not possible to melt the plastic, which is too high.

5, plastic granulator  electrothermal temperature setting
A. Melting the cold plastic stayed in the cartridge and the screw suggests that the screw roll is rolled, and the plastic is supplied to a part of the heat required for melting;
B, set to 5’10 ° C lower than the melt glue temperature (partially by conflicting thermal energy);
C. Adjustment of the tether temperature can also be used to control the gossip, condensate (Si Zi), translation and other issues;
d, crystalline plastic general temperature control;

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