Company Culture

Company Culture


Let’s recycling, Make the earth more green
For customers: provide better quality products and services!
For employees: create a better life!
For shareholders: create higher value!

Core Values

Wanrooe’s business model depends on sustainability. Wanrooe is always eager to turn trash into treasure for our customers. It is never easy to provide perfect-fit solutions to customers. However, we are always committed to the ongoing development and challenges of recycling solutions.

Wanrooe is committed to the ongoing development of size reduction solutions as it responds to the dynamics of global environmental, regulation, and economic demands.


Committed To Creating Customer Value
Parting resides in obtaining; obtaining is achieved through parting. Parting and obtaining are interrelated and the goal is to achieve double win.
Your idea determines your road ahead. The way of thinking determines the development of an enterprise.

Always smile
Always smile, to colleagues as well as clients.

Exchange with the world and broaden the industry platform
New horizons— Science and technology transformation United innovation
New rules – cooperate to create a win-win situation.
A new era – starting from China and expanding to a new world.
Pay constant attention to the trends in the industry, enhance professional standards, accelerate enterprise standardization and internationalization, and create a world-leading brand.

Exchange with the world and broaden the industry platform

Take hold of the overall situation and pay close attention to the industry trends. We only aim to provide customers with effective solutions.


Reevaluation of the value of waste recycling machine
Production -a solution to integrated products.Excel by details.
Focusing on every detail ensures the best quality. integrated solutions rearrange perfect details.
Production – Attitude determines height and rigorousness brings perfection.

Processing Equipments

The high efficiency of shortening the average industry production time by one-third makes each production a beautiful memory.
Excel by every step. We pay close attention to every detail.


Services – support anytime, anywhere

we give our sales staff regular professional training in various aspects such as
characteristics of the production line, the product technology, the production processes and the business etiquette, which lay the foundation for helping clients develop more suitable product plans

wanrooe team

Every communication is a chance to learn; each study opportunity is an opportunity for upgrading.
Solving problems is our only criterion for service.


Care -Sincerity and faithfulness; 100 percent whole-hearted endeavor
Taking the establishment of healthy industry standards as our responsibility, we respect the value of every partner.

Care – make every individual successful and harbor hope for future
Every staff is one part of our enterprise’s strength. We plan our employees’ careers rationally and pay attention to upgrading their psychological and professional qualifications, to make everyone harbor hope for the future.

Staff “Futur”
Surpass ourselves and give flight to our dreams.

wanrooe team activity


Compete in the games, think in the competitions, do meaningful things and understand the truth of life.

Different circles have the same joy: different people have the same sincerity and faithfulness.