Analysis of Some Common Problems of Plastic Granulator


Machines like people, there will always be a fault, when the fault appears, you like a headless chicken, at a loss? The following is the analysis of some problems often appeared in plastic granulation, there is a need to add welcome to leave a message.

Why is plastic granulator extruded insufficient
How to overcome the lack of plastic granulator extrusion, product injection material is often insufficient due to the material is not filled with cavity before the solidification, of course, there are many other reasons.
Temperature reasons to improve the cylinder, nozzle temperature, check millivolt meter, thermocouple, resistance electric heating ring or far infrared heating device and heating system, improve the mold temperature, check the mold temperature control device.
Mold reasons, the plastic granulator runner is too small, the gate is too small, the nozzle hole is too small, the gate position is unreasonable, the number of gates is insufficient, the cold material hole is too small, the exhaust is insufficient, the injection cycle caused by the mold is abnormal.
Equipment reasons, hopper interrupt material, hopper shrinkage neck partially or completely blocked, insufficient feeding quantity, abnormal feeding control system operation, injection press plasticizing capacity, abnormal injection cycle caused by equipment.

Extrusion conditions, the injection pressure of the plastic granulator is too low, the injection pressure loss in the extrusion cycle is too large, the injection time is too short, the injection full pressure time is too short, the injection rate is too slow, the material flow in the mold cavity is interrupted, the filling rate is different, the injection cycle caused by the operating conditions is abnormal. Analysis of some common problems of plastic granulators.

The reason and treatment method of plastic granulator head discharge is not smooth or blocked
First of all, we need to know the cause of the granulator head discharge is not smooth or blocked:
1, is they’re not easy to melt foreign bodies.
2. The heater does not work in a certain section, and the material is plasticized badly.
3. The operating temperature is set low, or the molecular weight distribution of plastic is wide and unstable.
Know the plastic granulator head discharge is not smooth or blocked reasons to be processed:
1. Check the heater and replace it if necessary.
2, clean and check the extrusion system and machine head.
3. Verify the set temperature of each section, and consult with the technologist to increase the set temperature if necessary.

The main machine of plastic granulator does not roll the reason and treatment method
The main machine of plastic granulator does not roll or stop instantaneously. Reasons for this fault:
It may be that the power supply of the main electric idea is not connected well, or the time of heating is sufficient, or one of the heaters does not work, resulting in excessive torque and overload of the electric idea.

The processing method of this fault occurs to plastic granulator:
1. Check whether the main circuit is connected and connect the power supply
2. Check the temperature display of each section and confirm the heating time of preheating
3. Check whether each heater is damaged or has bad contact, and eliminate it.

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