Composition of single screw plastic granulator


Single screw plastic granulator extrusion is one of the important methods in plastic processing. Most thermoplastics can be processed in this way. Compared with other methods, plastic extrusion has the following characteristics: the production process is continuous, so its products are continuous; High production efficiency; Wide range of applications, can produce pipe, bar, plate film, monofilament, wire, cable, profile and hollow products, etc. Less investment, faster returns. The products produced by extrusion are widely used in people’s life, agriculture, construction, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, national defense and other industrial sectors.

Extrusion in the single screw plastic granulator, single screw plastic granulator is one of the important machines of plastic processing machinery. The extrusion process of single screw plastic granulator is like this: the plastic is heated to the viscous state, in the case of heating, through the mouth mold with a certain shape and become a continuous body similar to the shape of the mouth mold, and then through cooling so that it has a certain geometric shape and size of plastic products. The material changes from a viscous state to a high elastic state and finally becomes a glass state when cooled. A single screw plastic granulator pelletizer generally consists of the following parts.

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(1) Extrusion system: mainly composed of barrel and screw. Plastic through extrusion system and plasticized uniform melt, and in the process of the pressure established by the screw continuous constant pressure, quantitative, constant temperature plastic pelletizer head.
(2) Transmission system: its role is to provide the screw’s required torque and speed.
(3) Heating and cooling system: by heating and cooling the barrel (or screw), ensure that the process is completed within the temperature range required by the process.
(4) Nose: it is the main part of the product, through which the molten plastic obtains a certain geometric section and size.
(5) Shaping device: its role is to stabilize the established shape of the plastic extruded from the head, and refine it, so as to get a more accurate section shape, size and bright surface. This is usually achieved by means of cooling and pressurization.
(6) Cooling device: the plastic out of the setting device can be fully cooled here to obtain the final shape and size.
(7) traction device: evenly traction products, and control the section size of the products, so that the extrusion process is stable.
(8) cutting device: the continuous extrusion products cut into a certain length or width.
(9) Coiling device: the soft products (film, hose, monofilament, etc.) coiling into a roll.

Single screw plastic granulator video:

General extrusion system, transmission system, heating and cooling system components called the host. And the head after a few parts called auxiliary machine. According to the different products, auxiliary products can be composed of different parts.

The control system of the single screw plastic granulator consists of various electrical appliances, instruments and actuators. According to the level of automation, it can control the driving motor, driving oil pump, oil (steam) cylinder and other actuators of the main and auxiliary machines of plastic granulator according to the required power, speed and track operation and detection. Control the temperature, pressure and flow of the main machine and auxiliary machine, and finally realize the automatic control of the whole plastic granulating unit and the control of product quality. We generally call the extrusion device composed of the above parts a plastic granulating unit.

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