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PVC granulation line is a piece of equipment specially used to produce polyvinyl chloride (PVC) granules. It usually includes multiple parts, such as feeding system, melting system, extrusion system, pelletizing system and cooling system, etc. The main function of the PVC granulation line is to process PVC powder or granules into particles of specified shapes and sizes through processes such as melting, extrusion, and granulation.


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PVC plastic pelletizing machine with international advanced recycling technology and combined with the actual application condition. This PVC plastic pelletizing machine is design specializes for recycling the recycled washed plastic PVC plastic flakes/scraps, such as PVC pipe flakes/scraps, PVC sheet flakes/scraps etc.





PVC granulation line is widely used in the production of plastic products, such as PVC pipes, profiles, plates, wire and cable materials, shoe materials, toys, etc. In addition, PVC pellets can also be used to manufacture various plastic products, such as plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic boxes, etc.


Detailed Pictures:


PVC granules produced by this machine

PVC particles have bright colors, soft texture, and light weight; high viscosity, requiring high molding pressure, fast melt cooling, no phase change heat, and short molding cycle; good corrosion resistance and wide range of uses .


Working Principle:


The PVC granulation production line is mainly composed of a screw feeder, a double exhaust extruder, a water ring cutting machine, dehydration, and pelletizing.According to the requirements of the plastic product formula, the uniformly mixed raw materials are fed into the barrel of the extruder through the hopper. As the screw rotates, the raw materials are forced to the machine head by the auger. Due to the resistance of the filter, splitter plate and molding die in front of the barrel, and the gradually smaller volume between threads, the raw materials pushed forward by the spiral are under great pressure. At the same time, the raw materials are heated by the barrel. When the raw materials are squeezed, sheared, and stirred, the friction with the barrel, the screws, and the friction between the raw material molecules will generate a certain amount of heat. Therefore, the temperature of the raw materials in the barrel becomes higher. As it gets higher and higher, its physical state gradually transforms into a highly elastic state, and finally into a viscous flow state until it becomes completely plastic. The screw is constantly rotating, extruding the plasticized material equally and evenly from the mouth of the molding die to become a plastic product with a certain shape, which is then cooled and shaped to complete the molding of the plastic product.




1.Can produce high-quality PVC particles to meet the production needs of various PVC products.

2.The production process can be adjusted according to different plastic product formula requirements to achieve the production of many different types of PVC granules.

3.The production process is highly automated, which can improve production efficiency and product quality.

4.Using advanced cutting technology, the PVC particles produced are uniform in size and stable in quality.

5.The equipment has a compact structure, small footprint, and is easy to install and maintain.


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