EVA Plastic Granulator EVA Pelletizer Machine


EVA Plastic Granulator EVA Pelletizer Machine Description:
1. The EVA pelletizer is designed and manufactured in parallel with a double-screw extruder with a cartridge. EVA elastomer granulator requires a long diameter ratio, a barrel structure, screw arrangement, a network structure, an exhaust gas, and an electric control method, and the like to optimize the reasonable configuration according to the processing material system and the process formulation. EVA elastomer granulator realizes multi-function, multi-purpose to adapt to processing polymer materials.
2. EVA pelletizer new type of deceleration distribution transmission system, high torque design, high precision gear processing. The main bearings of the EVA elastic body granules use imported pieces, reasonable dip oil-type lubrication combined with key parts forced lubricating devices and chain protection devices to ensure that the host reliably operates.
3. EVA plastic granulator makes full use of limited space design new progressive spline form structural mandrel to ensure large load carrying capacity, high torque transmission.
4. The EVA pelletizer is a threaded element with computer-aided design to mesh conjugate type. EVA elastomer granulator has excellent self-cleaning function, good interchangeability. The specifications of the EVA elastic body granules include conveying blocks, mixing blocks, kneading blocks, countercurrent blocks and toothed trays, etc., through appropriate reasonable combination, EVA elastomer granulator realizes the delivery, plasticization, shearing of the material. Decentralized, homogenization, exhaust, construction, etc., process processing process of high molecular material.
5. EVA pelletizer underwater granulation process; mixing machine —- double screw granulator ———- Underwater granulation system ——- Centrifugated dehydrator – — ——- Extended wind cooling vibrating screen —— finished silo

EVA Plastic Granulator EVA Pelletizer Machine characteristics:
1. The screw uses special kneading functions and high plasticization capability design.
2, EVA foam granulator This unit is simple, characteristics: the combination of strong mixing with single screw and low speed, low temperature, weak shear characteristics, high technology, high process automation, excellent dispersing effect, production High, working condition is a preferred model of high-efficiency modification modified in today’s thermal sensitivity.
3, collective, delivery, feeding, extrusion, wind cooling, water-cooled grain, wind cooling is equal to one, automated continuous operation, high production efficiency
4, the refining, feeding and extrusion segments can be selected according to customer choice using electric heating or steam heating or oil circulation heating technology, should be temperature control requirements
5, the mixer adopts the “four-rib synchronous wear-resistant mixed” technology, high efficiency, low energy consumption, sufficient plasticization, uniform dispersion
6. The feeding device adopts the company’s “conical twin-screw feeding device” technology. The mixed materials can be assisted, and the single screw extruders can be mandatory, improving granulation efficiency and quality.
7. The driving of double cone screws and single screws uses AC frequency conversion techniques to suit various process technology requirements.
8, the front of the head is used in the front of the hydraulic quick-change network, saving time and effort. Environmentally friendly
9, the granulator uses a rotary cutter and a fine-tuning device for venting type
10. Cooling of pellets uses a cyclone separator conveying and a drum type cooler or a disc vibrating screen,
11. Electronic control system adopts PLC, visual interface and frequency conversion technology to achieve full automation control

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EVA Plastic Granulator EVA Pelletizer Machine technical requirements:
1. There are no impurities in the material, strictly prevent hard substances such as metal and sand, and the hopper and cartridges.
2. EVA plastic granulator preheating time should be sufficient, generally reaching the process set temperature, 10% temperature should be 10 minutes, before driving, the hand-driven pulley should be light.
3. EVA pelletizer screw only allows starting at low speed, and the idle time cannot be more than two minutes, and the feeder can gradually increase the speed rear after using hunger.
4. The reducer is 500 hours, and the new oil needs to be replaced. It should regularly check the quality of the oil in the future. For oil mixed into impurities or agglomeration, it must be replaced at any time, and often check the height of the oil surface, the height of the oil surface is below the specified height, Timely supplementation, from the second beginning, the reducer is 3,000 hours, change the oil.
5. Dispelling die spiral lifting mechanism screws have been filled with low temperature grease before leaving the factory, and then wipe once a week and make up the grease.
6. When the main motor is a DC motor, the motor is checked once a month, and the record is made, and the carbon brush is replaced if necessary.

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