Four methods to make your plastic mill last longer


PVC Mill, PVC Grinder, PVC Pulverizer, PVC Scrap Pulverizer

1. During the use of the plastic mill, there should be a fixed staff member responsible for guarding. The staff must have a certain level of skill. Before the plastic mill is installed, it is necessary to carry out technical training for the staff in the operation to understand the principle function of the mill. , understand the manipulation procedures.
2. In order to make the millwork normally, the equipment “maintenance and safety control rail system” should be formulated to ensure the long-term safe operation of the mill, and necessary inspection tools and grease accessories.
3. After the mill has been used for a period of time, it should be inspected. At the same time, the wearing parts such as the grinding roller and the blade should be repaired and replaced. The grinding roller device should be carefully checked before and after the use, and the nut plug should be carefully checked for looseness. Whether the lubricating grease is sufficient.
4. When the grinding roller device is used for more than 500 hours to replace the grinding roller, the dynamic spring bearings in the roller sleeve must be cleaned. The damaged parts should be replaced. The fueling tool can be manually refueled or greased.

PVC Pulverizer,PVC Mill,PVC Grinder,PVC Scrap Pulverizer

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