How to choose waste plastic granulator pelletizer machine


Waste plastic granulator pelletizer machine:
With the continuous attention to circular economy, the plastic recycling industry can be said to be the sunrise industry in the 21st century. Just invested in this project friends worry about a problem is how to choose the right plastic granulator, granulator before the purchase should pay attention to those matters? Plastic granulator after more than 20 years of rapid development, now the production of granulator enterprises are more, so for investors, there is also a problem, that is, how to choose the plastic granulator equipment. If you post a request for plastic pellets online, seven or eight companies will contact you the next day, and at the end of the day, investors are confused and don’t know how to make a choice. Because they don’t know the equipment, they can’t start at the time of choosing. Listen to the engineers at our headquarters to tell you how to choose a set of equipment for your own granulation.

The first step: determine the use and purpose of the purchase of plastic granulator.
There are three kinds of customers to buy plastic granulators, one is to invest in the opening of the individual or private enterprises, the other is the enterprise itself, the need to buy plastic granulators to solve the waste problem produced by our factory; The other is dealers and traders. Today we focus on preparing to buy plastic granulator. Customers of investment enterprises should pay attention to the problem before choosing plastic granulator machines. Customers of these machines must first feel the local raw material procurement market. Due to the wide variety of plastics, we usually focus on general plastic processing, unless we have a clear distribution channel for specific plastics. General plastic to PP, PE, the two raw materials can be seen everywhere, such as pot, bucket, agricultural film, plastic film, woven bags and so on. PS foaming material is relatively less, but if the local material is more, it is also a good choice. In short, we need to have a clear definition of raw materials before we start a business.

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The second step: determine the raw materials and investment of plastic granulator.
After deciding on the project, we should decide the amount of investment according to the local raw materials and our own economic budget. This can help us save a lot of time, and there are certain risks in the selection of the project investment, so in the case of insufficient capital preparation, we must try our best to determine the P plastic granulator varieties and models according to the local raw materials and their own economic budget.

The third step is to collect relevant data on plastic granulator through various channels.
Preliminary data collection is very important, can let us have a certain understanding of the plastic granulator to buy. There are many ways to collect plastic granulators. First of all, we should have a general understanding of the relevant manufacturers through the network. Secondly, we can visit the factory and feel the production and overall condition of the equipment. Finally, we should communicate with the manufacturers we know by telephone, to understand the performance of each manufacturer’s plastic granulator, to understand the price of plastic granulator, to understand the different after-sales service of each manufacturer, and to compare the advantages and disadvantages. Plastic granulators from different manufacturers. Roughly decide which manufacturer they prefer.

The fourth step: roughly determine the type of plastic granulator 
It is very important to collect product information so that we can fully understand the characteristics of the plastic pelletizer. However, only by looking at these materials, we can only have a perceptual understanding. This time, we need to go to the manufacturer for a practical inspection and watch the product demonstration of the machine, so that we can have a rational understanding of the machine. We can see the prototype in the factory. Of course, we can also let businesses explain the use of plastic granulators, actually look at the situation of the manufacturer. At the same time, we should pay attention to the comparison of the three, cheap plastic granulator is not necessarily good or bad quality, the key is to see their own situation at the scene. We compare the price with the same quality. We’d better have some familiar friends to give you some technical advice.

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