Noodle Type Double Stage Plastic Pelletizer



The double-stage strand granulation line is an efficient plastic granulation equipment. It usually consists of two main parts: the main extruder and the auxiliary extruder. This configuration enables the double-stage strand pelletizing line to process multiple types of plastic materials, such as PE, PP, etc., as well as their mixtures.

Noodle Type Double Stage Plastic Pelletizer Plastic Granulator

The double stage pelletizing line is especially good for the raw material which contain high moisture, high impurities. The first stage extruder adopts exhaust type barrel screw, which can effectively de-gassing and eliminate the moisture and contamination; And the second extruder usually adopts small L/D extruder, further plasticizing the material and filter contamination which can achieve stable extrusion.


Working Principle:


The working principle of the double-stage stretch granulation line is to use two extruders to melt and homogenize the material respectively, and then extrude the molten plastic through a special die. The extruded plastic strips are cooled and solidified before being cut into pellets. This design enables the double-stage strand pelletizing line to produce plastic pellets with higher quality and more stable performance.




Double Stage PP PE Plastic Film Woven Bag Plastic Granulating Line is double stage plastic regenerative pelletizer, which is suitable for many kinds of plastic waste materials recycling and making pellets, such as PE, HDPE, LDPE, PP, BOPP plastic film, bag,fiber,rope scrap material and etc. The film can be pressed in the compressor and then be pelletized.

1.Applicable plastic materials: PE, HDPE, LDPE, PP, BOPP, PET, PA/Nylon, etc.

2.Material shapes: film, bag,fiber,rope scrap.

3.Material types: rolls, loose, bundled.

4.Material comes from offcut, industry defective materials, washed materials and printed materials. Note: depending on different material properties, various downstream equipments are needed.







The advantage of a two-stage strand pelletizing line is its ability to adapt to plastic materials with different characteristics, including those containing higher impurities or requiring special handling. For example, for those materials that contain more printing ink, high moisture content, poor fluidity and are temperature-sensitive, the double-stage granulation line can ensure the quality and output of the material through double filtration and a specially designed screw. In addition, the double-stage stretch granulation line can also choose different cooling methods according to different material properties, such as air cooling or water cooling, to adapt to specific production process needs.


Detailed Pictures:



Double-Stage Granulation Line Details Page

In general, the double-stage stretch granulation line is an efficient and flexible plastic granulation equipment that is suitable for processing a variety of plastic materials and can meet different production needs and quality control standards.


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