Operation process of plastic pelletizing machine


Preparation before starting
Plastic pelletizing machine use, first check the machine in the water, electricity, gas systems are normal, to ensure that the water, gas line is smooth, no leakage, the electrical system is no problem, heating system, temperature control, a variety of instruments are working reliably; auxiliary machine empty low-speed test run, observe whether the machine and equipment are running normally; start the shaping table vacuum pump, observe whether the work is normal; a variety of machine equipment lubricated with oil lubrication position. If found fault immediately eliminate.

Operation process of plastic pelletizing machine

Plastic pelletizing machine operation steps
1. Before starting, first warm up for about forty minutes or more.

2. The temperature will be raised to pull the motor v-belt by hand freely; according to the normal working rotation continuously pull seven to ten times. After that, continue to heat for about 10 minutes, and then start, but continue to heat up, because normal production requires constant supplemental heat; adjust different temperatures according to the nature of different plastics. When the plastic granulator is working normally, the machine temperature should be kept stable, not high and low.

3. around the exhaust port, until the engine part temperature maintains 200 ℃ or less, into the material to be uniform, and add enough. The machine eating rate feeding speed to match the appropriate. Otherwise, it will affect the quality and yield of the pellets. When stopping the machine, the host should completely cut off the power.

Plastic pelletizing machine characteristics
Plastic pelletizing machine features depend on: the past backward successively set conveying machinery and equipment, screw extruder, water tank, said screw extruder outlet end is provided with a die for extruding thin strips of plastic, said die and the top of the water tank is provided with an air collection cover, said the bottom of the air collection cover is provided with a cover cloth for the die and water tank in the interior.

Plastic granulator is also known as plastic waste recycling plastic granulator, plastic regeneration machine, plastic extruder, plastic granulator using advanced design principles, the use of machine commandment friction to reach the softening point temperature double-rolled into strips to form granules, changing the traditional heating drawing into the principle of granulation, plastic film, silk, tape, sheet, soft plastic hose, foam, degradation material and other waste and angle material caused by granules into reproduction, the advantages are Small material loss of granulated material, high rate of granulation, high degree of granule finish and compactness. High efficiency and energy saving, easy operation, stable product quality, is the current stage of the new recycling plastic regeneration of granulation ideal machine equipment.


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