PE Granulator Machine For Recycling Plastic Film Pipe Sheet


PE Granulator Machine Description:
PE granulator plastic pelletizing machine has the international advanced recycling technology and combined with the actual application conditions. The plastic pe granulator is specially designed to recycle cleaned plastic PE film, such as PE plastic bags, plastic packaging film, plastic shopping bags, agricultural film, etc.

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After processing plastic PE granulators, the end product is plastic pellets/granules, which can be used to produce plastic bags, drainage pipes, plastic sheets/chips, etc.

PE Granulator Machine includes (customizable):
Belt conveyor → Compression bin (pelletizer) → High-efficiency extruder → Uninterrupted hydraulic screen changer → Water ring cutting → Vibrator → Dewatering machine → Blower → Storage hopper. Electrical control panel

PE Granulator Machine Video:

PE Granulator Machine Part Function:
Belt conveyor feeding: As a standard design, plastic scraps such as film, bags, filaments, raffia are conveyed to the compaction drum by belt conveyor; for handling roll’ scraps, winding device is an optional feeding method. The motor drive and traction unit of the conveyor belt are used in conjunction with ABB frequency converters. The belt feed speed and roll traction are fully automatic and based on the compactor barrel space. Metal detectors can be used in combination with the belt conveyor and can be interlocked with the control system to warn and stop the system, preventing metal from falling into the screws.

Compression bin: Crushing and compacting the material, the compactor’s rotating blades will shred the debris. The frictional heating caused by the high-speed rotating blades heats the scrap, shrinking it to just below the coalescence point. The optimally designed guide structure compacts and guides the material into the extruder screw. Crushing, drying and compaction of the material allow for fast, consistent feeding of the compactor directly into the extruder.

Extruders: Plasticizing and venting, special single-screw extruders for melting pre-compacted material. The plastic scrap will be well melted, plasticized in the first stage extruder, and the plastic will be extruded by the second stage extruder. With a two-zone vacuum exhaust system, volatiles such as low molecules and moisture will be removed, especially for reprinting films and materials with high moisture content.

Non-stop hydraulic screening cartridge: two-stage filtration, pre-filtration in the first extruder and fine filtration in the second extruder reducing the frequency of filter screen changes. The requirements of the filtration technology depend to a large extent on the quality of the input material and the planned use of the pellets.

Pelletizing: The die face water ring pelletizing system is the standard pelletizing method of the WANROOETECH pelletizer system. The self-adjusting pelletizing head for optimal pellet quality and the consistent and correct adjustment of the blade pressure ensure long runs. The cutting blade speed is automatically determined by the melt extrusion pressure. Advanced dewatering vibrating screens combined with vertical centrifugal dewatering provide high-performance dry pellets.


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