Plastic Granule Cutter Plastic Pellet Cutting Machine For Sale


Plastic Granule Cutter Plastic Pellet Cutting Machine Description:
Plastic Granule Cutter is mainly used for processing of waste plastic film (industrial packaging film, agricultural film, greenhouse film, beer package, bag, etc.), woven bags, agricultural convenience bags, basin, barrels and bottles, furniture, supplies, etc., suitable for most common waste plastic, waste plastic recycling industry is used most widely, the most widely used, the most popular with the users of plastic processing machinery.

Plastic Granule Cutter Plastic Pellet Cutting Machine Mold:
Plastic Granule Cutter mold is divided into manual and electric, granulator often needs to change the net to remove impurities, the extrusion mold is generally 18 holes, the filter blocked after the extruder pressure is very large, the original manual network will be more tired, can use an electric mold, an electric motor instead of manual, save time and effort.

Plastic Granule Cutter Plastic Pellet Cutting Machine Functions and uses:
Using special screw design and different configurations, suitable for the production of PP, PE, PS, ABS, PA, PVC, PC, POM, EVA, LCP, PET, PMMA and other plastic regeneration and mixed color granulation. Reducer adopts high torque design to achieve smooth operation without noise. Screw, barrel by special hardening treatment, with wear-resisting, mixing performance is good, high yield characteristics, vacuum exhaust or ordinary exhaust port design, can in the production process of water, exhaust gas discharged, using more stable material, more solid particles, to ensure the good quality of products.

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Plastic Granule Cutter Plastic Pellet Cutting Machine Features:
1. all recycled materials are classified and broken after cleaning without swing drying or drying, drying, can be produced, dry and wet.
2. from raw material crushing, cleaning, feeding to make particles are automatic.
3. make full use of high-pressure friction uninterrupted heating system, automatic heating production, avoid continuous heating, energy saving.
4. Adopt split automatic distribution system to ensure safe and normal operation of the motor.
5. screw barrel are made of imported high-strength carbon structural steel, durable.
6. Plastic granule cutter appearance is beautiful and generous. According to customer requirements color spray paint.

Structure of Plastic Granule Cutter Plastic Pellet Cutting Machine:
Plastic granule cutter is composed of a base, left and right wall panels, motor, transmission device, press roller, hob (cutting knife), swing knife (cutting knife), sieve bucket and other parts. The left and right wall panels are placed on the upper part of the base of the transmission device, the pressure roller, hob, swing knife is installed in the wall panel, the motor, screen bucket is installed in the base.

Transmission device: composed of belt wheel, sprocket wheel and a series of gears, it will transfer the motor rotation to the press roller, hob, swing knife and screen bucket, in order to complete a variety of actions, transmission relationship see the transmission system diagram.
Transmission device:
Hob (strip cutter): it is composed of two groups of hob, in which the bearing seat of the upper hob can move in the guide groove of the left and right plate. Turning two handwheels on the upper part of the machine can adjust the gap between the upper and lower hobs to adapt to the different thicknesses of plastic plate cutting. The plastic sheet is cut by hob into plastic strips of specified width.

Hob (blade cutter) :
Swinging knife (grain cutter): there are four swinging knives on the knife rack shaft, and a bottom knife (fixed knife) is arranged between the left and right wall panels. The bottom knife and the swinging knife form a group of scissors to cut the plastic strip into particles of a certain specification. The position of the swing knife on the tool rest shaft can be adjusted and tightened by screws, through which the gap between the bottom knife and the swing knife can be adjusted. The gap must be adjusted qualified, generally 0.1mm, otherwise the cutting is not sharp, affect the appearance of plastic particles, serious will cut plastic strip. When adjusting the swing blade, the gap between it and the bottom blade must be uniform. After proper adjustment, the fastening screws and locking nuts must be locked to prevent loose accidents.

Swing knife (grain cutter) :
Press roller: composed of two press rollers, mounted between the hob and the swing knife. The two ends of the upper-pressure roller are equipped with a spring and guide column, which can move up and down along the sliding column on the left and right wall panels to adapt to the feeding of plastic plates of different thicknesses and maintain a certain compression force. Its function is to cut from the hob rolling plastic strip into the swing knife shear.

Pressure is expected to roll:
Sieve bucket: composed of crankshaft and sieve bucket, through the crankshaft connecting rod to drive sieve bucket for reciprocating vibration, the qualified plastic particles into the container. The working process of the machine is as follows: the plastic plate is fed by the feeding port, rolled and cut into plastic strips by the hob, sent into the swinging knife by the press roller, and cut into certain size particles by the swinging knife. The plastic particles are screened by the sieve, and the qualified particles are screened into the container, and the cutting work of the plastic plate is completed.

Notes to be paid attention to during the operation of plastic granule cutter plastic pellet cutting machine:
1) When the operator fills, he must be optimistic, do not enter debris in the material, and master the temperature.
If a boot, the material does not stick to the mold head phenomenon, is the mold head temperature is too high, such as a little cooling can be normal, under normal circumstances do not stop.
3) the water temperature should be commonly 50-60 ℃, low article easy to break, beyond easy adhesion, had better add half when the phone is switched on at the beginning of hot water, such as no conditions, when the granule of choosing and employ persons to the pelletizing machine for a period of time, such as water temperature rises again after the automatic dicing, lest breaks, after more than 60 ℃, water temperature to the inner loop in cold water, to keep temperature.
4) When granulating, the strip must be pulled evenly before entering the blending roller, otherwise, the granulating machine will be damaged. If the vent goes out to fight for material, it proves that impurities have blocked the filter. At this time, it is necessary to stop the machine quickly and replace the mesh. The mesh can be 40-60 mesh.

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