Plastic Water Ring Granulator Machine


Plastic Water Ring Granulator Machine Description:
Automatic water ring granulator, mainly for clean PE plastic (PE plastic film, PE crushing material, PE plastic bag, PE agricultural film mulching film greenhouse film, PE bucket material, PE milk bottle material) granulating equipment, for automatic water ring granulator production line, high degree of automation, saving labor, The plastic particles made of beautiful appearance, full particles, uniform, no pores, is the first choice for waste plastic recycling granulation equipment.
Water ring cut seed pelleting machine is in the double screw water ring of modified polymer on the basis of niche models, mainly for high flow index and cold setting time is long, and the water ring die surface straight cut from the exterior shape and not easy to mark on the molding process of plastic design, suitable for some special plastic, modified plastic granulation processing.

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Plastic Water Ring Granulator Machine Type:
There are two types of water ring granulators: horizontal water ring granulators and vertical water ring granulators. Conventional PE material, such as HDPE pulverizer (low-pressure polyethylene) with horizontal water ring granulator; LDPE film material (high-pressure polyethylene, such as plastic film, film) and PP material (polypropylene, such as PP woven bag material, ton bag material) is suitable for vertical water ring granulator, vertical water ring granulator granulation, cooling effect is better, more universal.

Application scope of Plastic Water Ring Granulator Machine:
Water ring dicing granulator is mainly used for processing of waste plastic film (industrial packaging film, agricultural film, greenhouse film, beer package, bag, etc.), woven bags, agricultural lunch bag, POTS, barrels and bottles, furniture, supplies, etc., applicable to large local common waste plastic, waste plastic recycling industry is wide use, use common, deeply user welcome granulation production line equipment; All recycled plastics after classification and crushing cleaning do not need to shake dry or dry, dry, can be processed, wet and dry; And crushing, washing, incoming material from raw material to the granules are automation, new type twin-screw granulator is application of high-pressure friction uninterrupted continuous heating system, automatic heating plasticizing, prevent the continuous heating, save electricity saving energy, mechanical and electrical separation, operating more simple, the operation safer, screw, cylinder are made of high strength and high quality carbon structural steel Durable and elegant appearance of the machine.

Plastic Water Ring Granulator Machine Video:

Features of Plastic Water Ring Granulator Machine:
Water ring cutting granulator adopts an advanced special double shaft gear reduction box, equipped with a motor special frequency converter, the machine works smoothly and can run for a long time. Twin-screw granulator adopts automatic feeding conveyor belt, and is equipped with double screen die head, hydraulic net changing device. The machine has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high output, practical and reliability, simple operation and high efficiency.

Automatic crushing, conveying, feeding three-in-one soft material water ring granulator is mainly used for processing single soft plastics without cleaning and dehydration, especially high and low pressure film plastics. For crushing granulation of cleaning and water in soft plastic, and particularly high content of impurities of waste plastics, such as mill scraps, dump plastic film material, and this kind of plastic, with a soft, not pure, brace granulation brittle, complex ratio is high, a large number of material and energy consumption of using dry granulation is not economic, in order to further reflect processing efficiency, Granulation belt filling modification (high calcium plastic) is often needed to complete once, large three-machine combined wet water ring granulation unit is specially developed for this kind of material.

The equipment is designed as a three-stage or multi-stage structure with single main machine and double auxiliary machine. The main machine can complete the functions of forced dehydration and forced plasticizing, the second unit and the third unit can complete the functions of multi-stage plasticizing, multi-stage filtration and granulation respectively, and the auxiliary equipment and auxiliary equipment of the rear stage can complete the routine function of water ring granulation respectively. In addition, the equipment host set of large diameter, forced dehydration, forced plasticizing, can adapt to the traditional double stage granulator can not adapt to the high water content, high impurity content of the film material processing, more can adapt to the double stage granulator is not competent for extensive processing mode, and breakthrough double stage granulator can not achieve the output standard. Due to the function of three-stage plasticizing and multi-stage exhaust, the three-machine combined wet water ring granulating machine can also conveniently add calcium powder in the granulating process, synchronously complete the filling and modification granulating process, and further improve the added value of particles.

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