Preparation of inspections need to do before the plastic granulator


The waste plastic granulator starts the empty running test after the following checks: the circuit of the control box is switched on and the power is supplied, the lubricating oil pump is started, the gearbox is lubricated by 3mm, and the lubricating oil is added to each lubricating part. Check the hopper, there should be no foreign matter in it, and then move the V-shaped belt once again, and it should rotate smoothly without blocking phenomenon. Low speed start screw drive motor operation. Observe whether the pointer of voltmeter and ammeter swings normally. Verify that the screw direction is correct. The emergency stop button on the inspection and test equipment should work accurately and reliably. Check whether the lubricating oil working pipeline is smooth, whether the injection position is correct, and whether there is oil leakage in each part. Check the water supply of the cooling water pipeline, there should be no leakage. The above normal can be formally put into production.

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In formal production to do maintenance and repair work, maintenance and repair are plastic granule machine for two different maintenance methods, but only one purpose, to plastic particles function maintain the best working state, to ensure that the equipment can have the highest yield and the best products, best can prolong the service life of the machine work. Equipment maintenance is a regular work, including operators are required to use the equipment strictly and seriously according to the operating procedures of the pellet machine; Operate production, often clean and scrub equipment dust and oil and lubricating oil filling work; Inspect and observe the operation of the machine, and ask relevant personnel to remove any problems. This can delay the wear and tear of the machine parts and extend the service life of the machine. Equipment Repair Feet Repair machine parts damaged by normal or abnormal causes. The purpose of repair is to restore a piece of equipment to normal working ability by repairing or replacing a part. It should be noted that maintenance and repair are equally important work. Maintenance is a protective measure against the wear and tear of equipment parts. Repair and replace parts is a necessary means to ensure normal production and make the equipment play its original performance. The two tasks should be well combined so that prevention is the first priority and prevention is nip in the bud. Before the machine parts are damaged and can not work, they should be repaired and replaced in time to ensure that the machine has a good working condition for a long time.
Before the operation of the plastic granulator, the preparation work should be done well, clean the environmental health around the plastic granulator, clean the plastic granulator and auxiliary equipment. Carefully study the operation procedures of plastic pellet machine, understand and be familiar with the function of each part of the equipment structure, memorize the function and usage of the switches and buttons. Check whether the nuts on the equipment are loose, and check whether the safety cover is firm. Check the installation tightness of the V-belt and adjust it properly. Moving the V-belt, rotation should be relatively easy, screw rotation without clamping phenomenon. Check the direction of screw rotation. If the screw thread is right-handed, the direction of rotation of the screw should be clockwise. Check whether ground protection of equipment and control box is tight. Measure the actual clearance of the barrel and the screw after assembly, detect the measured dimensions of the outer circle of the screw and the inner hole of the barrel at the same time, and record the record. This size should conform to GB8061-1996 standard. Check special tools and accessories and make records.

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