Fiber Fabric Granulator

Fabric Granulator, Fiber Pelletizer, Fabric Granulating Machine, Fiber Pelletizing Machine, Fabric Fiber Recycling Machine

Fiber Fabric Granulator Description:
Fiber fabric granulator machine is designed for PET fibers, PET waste fabrics, PP non-woven fabric, etc.
The advantage of fiber fabric granulator machine: greatly increase output, flexible granulating style, finished product particle plasticizing better, no pores. Fabric/fiber granulator use the domestic well-known brand, quality has assurance, equipment with long life and good performance.
WANROOETECH provides pre-sales and post-sales consultations for fabric/fiber granulation machines and can be customized according to requirements.

Fabric Fiber Granulator Application:

Fabric Fiber Granulator Features:
1. Fiber fabric granulator machine line with high output and excellent granulating ability (200kg/hour to 1000kg/hour)
2. Fiber fabric granulator machine line is widely used to recycle waste PET fibers, PET waste fabrics, PP non-woven fabric into plastic pellet
3. Highly automatically: Only 2 persons for one production line
4. High efficiency: Compared with the 1st generation design, the WANROOETECH 2nd generation fabric fiber granulating recycling machine line increased by 20% in output
5. Low power consumption: The power consumption reduced by 15% compared with the 1st generation design
6. You can choose single stage (one extruder with one screen changer) or double stages (mother-baby two extruders with two screen changers) based on raw material clean degree & real production needs
7. You can choose water-ring cutting or cold-strand noodle cutting way to match different raw material

How to choose the proper machine you want?
Please tell us details of what you want.
What’s your raw material?
What are the final products you want to produce?
What machine capacity do you want it to perform?

How to control the quality?
We have technical, engineering teams to design the sample machine before entering the market
Production, QC teams ensure the machine manufacturing quality
We will be running every machine after finished before shipment
Customized machine design based on customer’s raw material condition

Fabric Fiber Granulator Parameter:

Model Screw Dia(mm) L/D Capacity(kg/h)
PNHS-85/85 85 25-36 120-180
PNHS-100/100 100 25-36 200-250
PNHS-130/130 120 25-33 400-500
PNHS-160/160 160 25-33 450-700
PNHS-180/180 180 25-33 500-1000

if you want more information, quotation, please leave us a message! when sending the inquiry, please describe your parameters or technical requirements (such as processing materials, output size, capacity, etc.)

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