Waste PVC Granulator

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Waste PVC Granulator Application :
Waste PVC granulator with international advanced recovery technology, combined with practical application conditions. This PVC plastic granulator is designed for recycling of water washing plastic PVC plastic sheet / shredded, such as PVC tube sheet/scraper, PVC tablets Slice/debris, etc.
After the processing, heat, melting, cutting, cooling, etc., the final product is a PVC plastic pellet/particle that can produce a new PVC plastic product.

PVC granulator, pvc granules making machine, pvc pelletizer, pvc pelletizing plant, pvc pelletizing machine

Waste PVC Granulator Description:
PVC pelletizing machine PVC plastic recycling machine is applied to the waste materials, which needs high processing performance of melting, volatilization, filtering, etc., mainly works for the job of PVC scraps recycling and re-pelletizing.
PVC pelletizing machine PVC plastic recycling machine with international advanced recycling technology and combined with the actual application condition. This PVC pelletizing line is designed to specialize in recycling the recycled washed plastic PVC plastic flakes/scraps, such as PVC pipe flakes/scraps, PVC sheet flakes/scraps, etc.

After processing techniques such as feeding, heating, melt, cutting, cooling, etc., the final products are PVC plastic pellets/granules that can be to produce new PVC plastic products.

Waste PVC Granulator Video:

Working Flow of  Waste PVC Granulator:
Screw feeder → Efficient PVC extruder → Cutting → Blower → Storage hopper → Blower → Storage hopper → Electric control panel

PVC granulator, pvc granules making machine, pvc pelletizer, pvc pelletizing plant, pvc pelletizing machine

1. Screw feeder: the first step of the pelletizing recycling machine, Pvc plastic flakes/scraps conveyed into the hopper through the screw, the screw connects the sensor to detect the material in the hopper, once the flakes are full in the hopper, the screw will stop, and once empty, the screw feeder will begin working.

2. Extruder: to plasticization and degassing, a specialized single screw extruder is applied to melt the pre-compacted material. The plastic scraps will be melted, plasticized in the first stage extruder, and the plastic will be extruded by the second stage extruder. With a double-zone vacuum degassing system, volatiles such as low molecular and moisture will be removed efficiently, especially suitable to heavy printed film and material with some water content.

3. Cutting pelletizing: supplied with speed steel and hard alloy steel cutting blades for reliable performance. A compact structure allows less maintenance.

4. Blower and hopper: to cooling the PVC pellets and store the pellets.

We can design different waste PVC granulators according to your requirements:
1. Equipment name: PVC pelletizing machine plastic granulator.
2. Production capacity: 150kg/h~1000kg/h.
3. Material processed: PVC powder to PVC granules.
4: You can choose different devices according to your material. You can also purchase separate devices based on your own conditions.
5: We providing turn-key projects for you. Design-Product-Installment-Testing.
6. Superiority: Easy operation, high capacity, low energy consumption, safety, reliability, etc.

Waste PVC granulator Features :
1. Advanced equipment, precise pelletizing and high producing capacity.
2. Double-screw extruder very suitable to modified PVC powder with high capacity.
3. Pelletizing style: Hot-cutting on mould face, even cutting ensures good shape.
4. Auxiliary machine: Pellets cooling & classifying.
+Enforcing Modification: PE, EVA etc.+CaCo3, Talc, TiO2, PVC, PP, Carbon black.
+Degradable Master Batch: PP, PS etc.+Starch, Additive, etc.
+Anti-flame, Master Batch: PE, EVA etc.+Sb2O3,Mg(OH)2,Al2(OH)3 etc.

Waste PVC Granulator advantage:
The labor requirement is low.
Automatic thermostat control.
CE certification, ISO9001 certification, SGS certification
Run stable, higher yield and lower energy consumption.
According to customer requirements and material configuration, reasonable advice is given.

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