Do you know about PE plastic granulator?


PE plastic granulator is a mechanical equipment that processes PE plastic raw materials into PE plastic granules through heating, melting, extrusion, pelletizing and other processes. This kind of equipment is widely used in the production and processing of plastic products and is one of the important equipment in the plastic processing industry.


PE plastic granulator has the following characteristics:

1.Efficient and stable: Using advanced screw extrusion technology, the production efficiency is high, stable and reliable.

2.High degree of automation: Using an automated control system, processes such as feeding, melting, extrusion, and pelletizing can be completed automatically, reducing manual intervention and labor costs.

3.Environmentally friendly recycling: Waste PE plastic products can be recycled and reused, reducing waste pollution to the environment.

4.Wide scope of application: It can be applied to the processing of various types and sizes of PE plastic products, and has a wide scope of application.

Two Stage Plastic Granulating Machine

This plastic granulator machine for waste plastic recycling is used to make plastic flakes into pellets or granules. And Double stage pelletizing line is especially good for the raw material which contains high moisture, high impurities. The first stage extruder adopts exhaust type barrel screw, which can effectively de-gassing and eliminate the moisture and contamination; And the second extruder usually adopts small L/D extruder, further plasticizing the material and filter contamination which can achieve stable extrusion.



Double-stage reclaimed pelletizing production line is the ideal equipment for plastic pelletizer, especially for PP, PE film waste, HDPE, PP, BOPP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, ABS, EPE, EPS, XPS, stretch film Non-woven fabrics, woven bags, solid materials recovered, crushed material recovery and granulation. The production line has the advantages of novel design, reasonable structure, stable operation, low noise, low power consumption and high output.




Working Principle:

The PE plastic granulator is to add PE plastic raw materials into the feed hopper and melt the raw materials through heating and stirring devices. After the molten raw material is filtered by the filter screen, it enters the screw extruder, and the molten raw material is pushed to the front end of the barrel through the rotation of the screw. At the front end of the barrel, there is a set of cutters that cut the molten raw materials into granules. The chopped particles become PE plastic particles after cooling and drying.


Parts Pictures:

Hydraulic Screen Changer

The principle of the hydraulic screen changer is to use the hydraulic system to drive the replacement of the mesh, and realize the production of different specifications and types of plastic products through different meshes. During the production process, the hydraulic screen changer can quickly replace the filter, reduce downtime and improve production efficiency.

Plastic Extrusion

During the working process of the extruder, the plastic raw materials enter the screw and barrel through the feeding device, and are heated, mixed and melted under high temperature and high pressure. The molten plastic passes through the mold mouth to form the desired product, and then is cooled and shaped to finally obtain the finished product.

Single Screw

The advantages of a single-screw extruder include: simple structure, easy manufacturing, and low price; it can continuously produce and convey materials; it has high screw rotation speed and high production efficiency; it is highly adaptable and can produce plastic products of various shapes and specifications.


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