Waste Plastic Bag Pelletizer Granulator Machine


Waste Plastic Bag Pelletizer Granulator Machine
Waste plastic bag pelletizer granulator is based on polypropylene resin as the main raw material, extruded, stretched into flat wire, and then woven, bag from. The main raw material of the common woven bag is polypropylene (PP) material, in addition, according to the different uses of various woven bags, woven bags granulating way is not the same. Wanrooetech machinery production of waste woven bag granulator according to different uses of woven bags, the use of targeted processing, to improve the rate of raw materials. In the environment of resource recycling, plastic recycling has become a new way to make money. The recycling process of waste plastic is: recycling – crushing – cleaning – drying – granulation – extrusion molding (new products), and the granulation production line occupies the most important part of the plastic recycling process, is also the largest part of the profit space. By repeated practice, this set of assembly line, with large output, low loss, low failure rate and easy operation, low cost, granulation line has a variety of heating mode, according to the customer’s production capacity of electricity utilization and the cost to design the best heating mode, and according to the customer’s materials and production, to provide the best quality, most reasonable assembly line.

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Waste Plastic Bag Pelletizer Granulator Machine Advantage:
1. In the feeding section, the capacity can be almost unlimited. As long as the machine can match, there is no problem with the feeding amount of 7 to 800 kg per hour.
2. No crushing knife, no need to replace crushing knife and other consumables, basically no need for post-maintenance, greatly reduce the requirements for manual skills.
3. The whole machine adopts an 11KW or 15KW reducer motor. Compared with 45KW or 55KW crushing drums, the power-saving effect is obvious.
4. Adopts the independent row cutter press structure, and runs separately from the main machine, the speed can be adjusted, does not disperse the main motor and the main deceleration load, but also can further improve the capacity.
5. Large output: according to PE/PP and other materials such as small volume, light specific gravity, bulkiness and other characteristics, the use of “forced feeder” auxiliary feeding, no jam material, the output increased by 20-30%;
6. Professional design; According to the different melting points of different materials, screw spacing and screw Angle are different, so as to maximize the granulation yield of the same material, because of their own practical production experience, design and upgrade more professional equipment;
7. Automatic control: the assembly line is equipped with several automatic control electric boxes, more safe and convenient operation, electrical distribution protection system in the electric box, stable voltage, low failure rate, prolong the service life of the equipment;

Waste Plastic Bag Pelletizer Granulator Machine Video:

Waste Plastic Bag Pelletizer Granulator Machine Features:
Waste plastic bag pelletizer mainly for all kinds of agricultural film, packaging film, life preservation film, as well as low-density LDPE and high-density HDPE and PET film recycling plastic granulation. Adopt special screw design and different configuration, can also be suitable for the production of PP, PE, PET, PS, ABS, PA, PVC, PC, POM, EVA, PMMA and other plastic regeneration and mixed color granulation. The equipment is composed of extruder main machine, granule integrated machine, granulator, cooling tank or air cooling equipment, the set of complete set, can be automatic continuous production, direct granulation, and granulation clean, no pollution and aging phenomenon, greatly reduce the production cost and improve the production efficiency. The plastic bag pelletizer has the remarkable characteristics of small volume, high efficiency, good performance, low power consumption, high quality of finished products and wide adaptability, which can be adapted to meet various processing requirements. The reducer adopts the design of high torque to achieve the performance of no noise and smooth operation. Screw, cylinder by special hardening treatment, with wear resistance, good mixing performance, high yield characteristics. The plastic bag pelletizer has the advantages of large output, high efficiency, stable quality and easy operation.

Waste Plastic Bag Pelletizer Granulator Machine Customized:
1. Single screw or double screw can be used according to user requirements or return material characteristics. The style can be single step or double step.
2. Plasticizable granulation of polyethylene PE, polypropylene PP, polystyrene PS, polyvinyl chloride PVC, PET, ABS and other engineering plastics or general plastics recycling granulation.
3. The main machine is equipped with a dewatering device, which can directly process waste plastics with water.
4. Waste woven bags do not need to take out the thread, do not need to cut the edge, do not need to fragment, can be directly put into the main machine production, waste film type can be direct without crushing feeding granulation.
5. The main machine is equipped with a fully automatic control cabinet, easy to operate and stable performance.
6. Low energy consumption, significant energy-saving effect, high output, mechatronics.

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