What is a plastic pelletizer machine?


Application of plastic pelletizer machine
Plastic pelletizer machine is mainly used for processing waste plastic film (industrial packaging film, agricultural film, greenhouse film, beer bags, handbags, etc.), woven bags, agricultural convenience bags, tubs, barrels, beverage bottles, furniture, daily necessities, etc. It is applicable to most common waste plastics and is the most versatile, widely used and popular plastic recycling processing machinery in the waste plastic recycling industry.

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The function of plastic pelletizer machine.
The plastic pelletizer granulator adopts a special screw design and different configurations, which is suitable for producing PP, PE, PS, ABS, PA, PVC, PC, POM, EVA, LCP, PET, PMMA and other plastics for regeneration and color mixing granulation. The reducer box adopts a high torque design to achieve noiseless running smoothly and other performance. Screw, barrel by special hardening treatment, with wear-resistant, good mixing performance, high yield characteristics, vacuum exhaust or ordinary exhaust port design, can be in the production process of moisture, exhaust gas away, so that the material is more stable, rubber granules more solid, to ensure that the product of good quality.

Plastic pelletizer machine video:

Plastic pelletizer machine – production principle:
Using high-temperature melting, plasticizing, extrusion processes to change the physical properties of plastic, to achieve the plasticization and molding of plastic.

Composition of plastic pelletizer machine:
The design of the screw has been changed, and the thread pitch between the screws has been enlarged so that the plastic can be fully plasticized and melted in the barrel during heating.

The design of the barrel is made of 45# steel with high hardness and certain wear and corrosion resistance after fine machining and quenching treatment.

Heating system
The heating system consists of heating circles, which are distributed separately outside the barrel to heat and plasticize the material inside the barrel evenly.

Cooling fan
In order to achieve a stable temperature in the barrel, a cooling fan is added to the bottom of the barrel to increase the temperature stability of the barrel through automatic temperature control and automatic cooling when the temperature is too high.

In order to keep the extruded plastic from falling down in temperature, the flowability of the plastic will not be insufficient, which will hinder the extrusion. A heating ring with a certain power is added outside the head to ensure a normal and full discharge. In addition, the discharge holes on the head are parallel 15-hole type, which increases the discharge volume and the production speed. The head structure is a parallel extrusion head, threaded with the barrel, which can save time and effort when changing the screen plate.

Pelletizing system
The strips are cooled down by the cooling system and then rolled and cut into pellets for easy packaging. The plastic pelletizer is equipped with a rolling feed wheel, which is driven by a motor to automatically transfer the material into the machine, and the rolling blade inside the machine to cut it.

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