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WANROOETECH is a professional waste plastic recycling equipment manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in china, We mainly produce plastic recycling granulator,
including compactor pelletizing machine, plastic bottle granulator, woven bag pelletizing machine, fabric fiber recycling granulator,rigid material pelletizer,
pet flakes plastic pelletizer, plastic film pelletizing machine, pvc pelletizer, plastic squeezing pelletizing machine, parallel twin screw pelletizer etc.
WANROOETECH is a supplier and manufacturer specializing in the research and production of plastic granulator pelletizer. Main plastic pelletizer includes: plastic film granulator machine,
plastic bag granulator machine, plastic bottle pelletizer machine, fabric / fiber recycling granulator, rigid material plastic pelletizer granulation line, compactor plastic pelletizer etc.
AMPELLETIZER provides pre-sales and post-sales consultations for plastic pelletizers, and can be customized according to requirements.
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WANROOETECH is a professional manufacturer of plastic recycling machinery in China. We can provide the customized Plastic recycling solutions to customers. We mainly produce plastic recycling granulators, including compactor pelletizing machines, plastic bottle granulators, woven bag pelletizing machines, fabric fiber recycling granulators, rigid material pelletizer, PET flakes plastic pelletizer, plastic film pelletizing machine, PVC pelletizer, plastic squeezing pelletizing machine, parallel twin screw pelletizer, etc....

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