Paper Pulp Waste Pelletizer

WANROOETECH provides a full range of paper pulp waste pelletizer disposal solutions. Crushing, iron removal, cleaning, sorting, drying, packaging or granulation, one-stop processing paper mill stirring rope and slag. There are two specifications of the stirring rope, the fine diameter is less than 150mm, and the coarse diameter is between 300-600mm. The broken stirring rope is a difficult problem in the industry, which requires large torque and is easy to cause stuck machine and structural strain damage. The material in the metal sand content is high, resulting in the tool being easy to wear.

What is paper mill waste?
In the process of production, the main components of waste materials such as twisted rope and light slag are plastic, steel wire and residual pulp. Some of these materials are mixed with each other and wound to form large objects that are difficult to separate. Waste emissions from paper mill, based on hundreds of tons each year the number of calculations, the impurities including waste plastic in some cannot be recycled plastics and other inorganic substances, including in the sewage treatment system of flocculation precipitation and dross, and sludge produced by sewage treatment system, as well as the living quarters of some life rubbish. Therefore, how to solve the garbage and waste residue of the paper mill is the first problem of the paper mill.
Paper mill waste is also known as twisted rope, braid material, it has two specifications, fine diameter < 150mm, coarse diameter in 300-600mm range. Paper mill waste contains a lot of iron wire, most of the iron wire is wrapped together with plastic, causing great difficulties for direct separation and recycling, so the plastic and iron wire should be broken before recycling, and then separated and recycled. The metal, plastic and paper pulp in the material are separated through the garbage crushing and sorting system of the paper factory so that the metal smelting can be reused, the plastic can be used for granulation, and the paper pulp can be used for the raw material of recycled paper. Realizes the resource regeneration, creates value, at the same time protects the environment.

Paper Pulp Waste

Paper mill waste disposal problem
Derivatives in the process of recycled paper have high moisture content, more impurities and are difficult to transport and recycle.

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Paper pulp waste pelletizer is mainly used in the production of lightweight materials or multi-level filtration of highly mixed materials, there is a prominent effect on the corner of the paper mill, the whakes and mechanical plastic machines make equipment easily and eligible for poor conditions such as high temperature, high pressure, water. The high requirements for continuous uninterrupted work; and create conditions for the upgrading of the equipment into a Paper pulp waste pelletizer large feed joint unit.

Paper pulp waste pelletizer Video:

Paper pulp waste pelletizer, Paper mill garbage crushing washing granulation system
The paper mill garbage crushing and washing granulation system includes paper mill garbage crusher, secondary crusher (optional), iron remover (optional), separation sedimentation tank, friction washing machine, roller screen, and chain plate conveyor, belt conveyor, screw conveyor, plastic extruder (optional), plastic squeezing pelletizer, etc.

Paper pulp waste pelletizer One-stop solution
Conveyor + crusher + shatter + iron removal equipment+plastic washing line+plastic squeezing pelletizer, materials after classification and treatment can be recycled to realize resource. utilization.

1. Waste plastic can be made of RDF/ oil refining/regeneration
2. Scrap metal can be smelted again
1. Improve the efficiency of resource regeneration
2.  Reduce the amount of landfill
1. profit from the sale of plastics and metals
2. Save transportation cost

Plastic Film Squeezing Pelletizing Machine, Woven Bag Squeezing Pelletizing Machine, Film Squeezing Granulator Machine, Woven Bag Squeezing Granulator Machine

Model PNSP-250 PNSP-300 PNSP-350 PNSP-500
Main Motor Power 75kw 90/110kw 110/132kw 132/160kw
Cutting Power 4kw 5.5kw 7.5kw 7.5kw
Capacity 200-300kg/hr 300-500kg/hr 400-800kg/hr 500-1000kg/hr
Air Blower 5.5kw 7.5kw 7.5kw 7.5kw
Moisture 1%-3% 1%-3% 1%-3% 1%-3%
Dimensions(L*W*H) 4260*8240*4033mm 4660*8520*4160mm 5060*8800*4287mm 5460*9080*4414mm

WANROOETECH produces a set of paper mill waste pelletizer recycling production and disposal systems, which can achieve 96%-99% recycling of materials such as metal, plastic, pulp and other materials in the rope and slag materials.

If you have any demand for a paper pulp waste pelletizer, please leave a message and let us know. There will be professional and technical personnel to answer all questions about the waste crushing and granulation processing line of the paper mill for you, and recommend the type and model of the equipment, and make detailed equipment or production line solutions for you.

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