Common malfunction maintenance of plastic recycling granulator


Plastic granulator prone to malfunction and maintenance methods
Fault: the host current instability leads to uneven feeding, main motor bearing damage or poor lubrication, no heating. A section of the heater is out of order or out of phase, screw adjusting pad is out of order, component interference.
Maintenance method: troubleshoot, check the feeder and replace the bearing if necessary. Repair the main motor and replace the heater if necessary. Check whether the heaters work normally, pull out the screw to check whether the screw interference phenomenon, check the adjustment pad.
Fault: the main motor can not start, the starting sequence is wrong, should check whether the fuse is burned ring; Main motor thread problem; Interlocking devices associated with the main motor function.
Maintenance method: start-up again according to the correct starting sequence, check the sequence, check the circuit of the main motor, check the state of the interlocking device related to the main motor. The oil pump is not open, check whether the lubricating oil pump is started. If the motor cannot be opened, turn off the total power and wait for 5 minutes before starting. If the induction power of the frequency converter is not discharged, check whether the emergency button is reset.
Fault: the head discharge is not smooth or blocked, the material plasticization is poor, a section of the heater does not work or the molecular weight distribution of the plastic is wide.
Maintenance method: operating temperature setting is low and unstable. There may be foreign bodies that do not melt easily.

Plastic granulator features:
After the plastic is added to the hopper, the hopper smoothly falls on the screw and is bitten by the screw thread. With the rotation of the screw, the screw thread is forced to advance to the head direction, forming a mechanical conveying process. When the plastic is running from the feeding port to the machine head, due to the gradually decreasing depth of the screw thread, and also due to the existence of resistance such as the filter screen, the diverting plate and the machine head, high pressure is formed in the plastic plasticizing process, which compacts the material very closely, improves its heat transfer and conductivity, and helps to melt the plastic quickly. At the same time, the pressure is gradually increased so that the gas existing between the grain is discharged from the vent hole.

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