Industrial PS Granulator Pelletizer Plastic Pellet Making Machine


PS Granulator Pelletizer description:
PS granulator, also known as the PS plastic particles making machine, the recovered PS waste plastic by melting, extrusion principle, manufactured by the mechanical components of shape plastic particles, is the core device of plastic recovery and reuse, with its auxiliary equipment, Complete the process flow of PVC waste films, cleaning, drying, granulation, cooling, granulation, packaging, etc. The PS granulation machine is mainly used for melting points within 300 ° C, and the thin film of the regenerative particles is achieved by condensation. High-performance plastic crusher equipment, high crushing efficiency, strong cleaning and slagability. Combined with the actual needs of the user and the characteristics of PVC plastics, for the user to customize a comprehensive solution, the excellent product performance of the machine fully overcomes the shortage of most models in the market, the stability is not high, energy consumption, consumables are serious, Equipment maintenance costs are shortcoming. On the basis of previous original models, comprehensive upgrade and technological innovation, in terms of material impurities, flue gas purification, etc., to achieve a very mature stable state.

PS Granulator Pelletizer Video:

PS Granulator Pelletizer function:
The special screw design and different configurations are suitable for producing regeneration and mixing granulation of various plastic granulation of PP, PE, PS, ABS, PA, PVC, PC, POM, EVA, LCP, PET, PMMA. The gearbox is designed with high torque, and there is no noise operation. The screw, the cartridge is specially hardened, has wear resistance, mixed performance, high yield, the design of the vacuum exhaust or ordinary exhaust port, can take moisture, exhaust gas, make it discharge More stable, the cladding is more strong, ensuring excellent quality. Changed the design of the screw, which increases the thread spacing between the screw to make the plastic sufficiently plasticize the plastic in the barrel; use variable type, and the relative life of the screw is added; High-intensity 38crmoala increases the performance of the entire machine. Base: The design of the barrel uses 45 # steel after quenching treatment with high hardness and certain wear resistance, and is provided with a certain size slot in the feed end, which is convenient for feed. Heating system: The heating system is composed of a heating ring, separated from the barrel, and uniformly heats plasticizes the material in the barrel, and is controlled by the instrument control on the power cabinet, forming a change in automatic adjustment of the set temperature. Cooling fan: In order to reach the temperature of the cartridge, it is designed to increase the cooling fan at the bottom of the barrel. The temperature is automatically cooled by the temperature of the temperature is too high, and the temperature stability of the barrel is increased. Machine head: In order to keep extruded plastics do not have a decrease in temperature, insufficient liquidity, it hinders extrusion. A certain power heating ring is added to the air head, ensuring the normal fullness of the discharge. And the discharge holes set on the charter are parallel 15-well type, which increases the amount of production rate. The head structural formula is parallel to the head, and the threaded isochor is connected. When replacing the mesh board, it can save time and effort. Pienketing system: The cooled machine is cooled after cooling the particulating machine to roll into a granular shape, which is convenient for packaging. A rolling feed wheel is provided on the gritter, and the drive is automatically transmitted in the body, and the rolling blade inside the body is cut off.

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PS Granulator Pelletizer principle:
High temperature melting, plasticization, extrusion process changes the physical properties of plastics to achieve plasticizing and molding of plastics.

PS Granulator Pelletizer characteristics:
1. The unit includes: extrusion granulator, heating system, distribution box, cooling sink, particulating machine, etc., the ps granulator machine is continuously produced, only one person can be produced.
2. The machine is automated from the feed to the granules.
3. Make full use of high-pressure friction uninterruptible heating system, automatically heat production, avoid continuous heating, saving energy saving.
4. Use a fully automatic power distribution system to ensure that the motor is safely operating.
5. The screw barrels are manufactured using high-strength high-quality steel and are durable.
6. The machine appears beautifully. It can be colorful according to customer requirements.
7. The machine host uses a dedicated speed reducer, no noise, maintenance, long service life.
8. The machine is equipped with an electric quick-change network, and the power is 1.5KW. When you change the net, you only need to gently turn down the switch. You can easily and use it.
9. PS granulator, equipped with an electromagnetic governor, low equipment noise, and the hob can protect 1000T no sharpener.

PS Granulator Pelletizer configuration description:
· The material uses high-quality mold steel and treated nitridation, and the mold is naturally durable.
· Distributed reasonable flow path exit, ensuring uniform extrusion that pellets do not affect.
· Unique stereo cooling structure makes cooling more efficient.
· Multiple power fans combine new cooling ideas to make the fine quality of granules.
· Low shear, high-mixed screw design ensures the quality operation of granulation production.
· Almost stable foundation has made the pellets well, and the color is round.
· With the precision cutter to ensure that the cut surface is smooth.

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