Three elements affecting the quality of plastic granulator particles


With the heat of the waste plastic recycling industry, waste plastic recycling industry practitioners are growing, the market is hot, how can users produce more high-quality recycled particles through plastic granulator equipment? In fact, to produce high-value recycled particles in line with market demand, there are three necessary conditions: high-quality raw materials, excellent plastic recycling granulation equipment and a suitable process. Make the extrusion of plastic particles have a high rate of reaching the standard, it is necessary to have skilled workers, in order to plastic particles manufacturers of economic benefits, there must be strict requirements, sound safety management.

High quality plastic raw materials required

What is a high-quality raw material? First, select raw materials according to the performance parameters of plastic particles. Second, the type of raw materials and processing technology matching, such as ABS has a level and two particles, for plastic pelleting machine only uses extrusion grade ABS waste. Plastic pelletizing machine with raw materials, most of the particles, can also be used for direct recovery of powder pelletizing, then use twin-screw plastic pelletizing machine production is better.

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Excellent plastic pelletizing machine equipment production line is a prerequisite
It is divided into two types of mechanical equipment for the main purpose: one is the main machine of plastic pelletizing machine, the other is the auxiliary equipment for crushing, sorting, crushing, cleaning, cooling and cutting.

1. Plastic granulator equipment
Waste plastic recycling granulators can not be separated from plastic granulators. Usually, according to the types and characteristics of waste plastic, plastic granulator is divided into sub-mother type (main auxiliary machine), according to the screw structure and number of different, and divided into single screw plastic granulator, twin screw plastic granulator, etc. Plastic granulator thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic in the heating cylinder after heating, shearing, compression, mixing and transportation, melting plasticizing and homogenization; Then, with the help of the screw thrust, the high-temperature solution is forced from the die head of the machine head (namely the plastic pelletizing machine mold) out, after the cooling and curing of the stainless steel cooling tank, in the more granular cutting mechanism into plastic recycled particles. At present, plastic granulator has been from the single type to the general, standardized, high speed, high efficiency, intelligent, energy-saving material and other fine differentiation of the direction of development. As a professional plastic granulator company, it is necessary to understand the basic structure and working principle of plastic granulator, in order to use, maintenance and maintenance of the granulator as soon as possible, in order to give full play to the role of plastic granulator.

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2. Plastic granulator head (i.e. die head)
The die head of plastic granulation machine is a kind of equipment that can be extruded with a certain shape and size by using its own special shape. It is the most important equipment in the extrusion process of plastic recycled particles. Different waste plastic extrusion needs different die head selection, the commonly used die head is electric die head, hydraulic die head, because the die head in the extrusion of the material through the sieve hole shaped into strip material, and through the die head at the same time, through the filter, in order to remove the impurities in the molten material. If the filter is blocked, it is necessary to replace the filter in time. When the traditional plastic pelletizing machine head is replacing the filter screen, it needs to be stopped and replaced manually, which not only delays the time but also affects the normal recycling and pelletizing of waste plastic. After continuous technical innovation, the current hydraulic non-stop die head, has realized non-stop automatic network change, greatly save the granulator time, improve production capacity. A plastic granulator can choose different heads and auxiliary machines. The auxiliaries are said here, not by any means unimportant. If there is no head and auxiliary machine, only granulator, the same can not produce recycled plastic. The quality of the machine head directly affects the quality and cost of plastic particles. As a professional plastic granulator, it is necessary to fully understand the importance of the head and auxiliary machine, know the basic structure of the head and auxiliary machine, learn the correct use, maintenance of the head and auxiliary machine, in order to increase its service life. The technical personnel of plastic granulator must reasonably master the basic structural characteristics of the head and auxiliary machine, familiar with the working process, in order to fully mobilize the role of the head and auxiliary machine in this field.

Good production technology and operation level of plastic granulator
The suitable process also includes two aspects, one is the production process, the other is the main parameters of the process. The following is a list of examples of plastic granulator processes: (1) The preparation of raw materials and their pretreatment. (2) Waste plastic crushing and cleaning. Plastic granulator melt extrusion. (4) cooling. (5) the granule.

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